Welcome to the Museum of Rope Making!

The ropery is located in Älvängen, which is about 35 kilometers (22 miles) north-east of Gothenburg, Sweden. The former rope-manufacturer was a family-owned business that started already in 1848, and was moved to Älvängen in 1917. However, Carlmark’s old Ropery was to be demolished in the early 1990s. But fortunately people were organized in a unification called “Preserve The Ropery”. Thanks to this initiative, as well as the joint skills and the hard work by them, this threat was avoidable. The old building and the machines are now fully restored.

Arial view of the Rope-Walk area at Älvängen nearby the river Göta Älv.

Arial view of the Rope-Walk area at Älvängen nearby the river Göta Älv.

In 1995, the Ropery was designated as the Industrial Monument of the Year, and in 1996 it was assigned as a Historic Building. In January 2002 The Museum of Ropery achieved an International tourist throphy of “The Trade Leaders Club and Editorial Office” at a ceremony in Madrid, Spain.

An experience for all senses.

Rope making are always in progress whenever the The Museum of Rope making is open. You will see and hear the old belt-driven machines in work. You will feel the fibers and yarns, the ropes, the hawsers and other cordage. You will smell the tar and the natural fibers. That will make the Ropery to a unique living museum and one of a kind. The rope walk is not less than 300 meters long, almost up to 1000 feet. Besides a vivid museum the facilities incorporates a café and a souvenir shop. All accessible even for disabled visitors.

Please remark: In order to get a guided tour in English, they must be booked beforehand, and in case of special events going on, there will not be any guided tours. Please book a guide at least 2 weeks in advance.

Please note: Cash, Card payments are accepted.


Open 10 January – 15 Dec 2023
Hollydays week 27-30
Please call before your visit, so we are sure to be there!
Mobile number on the Swedish side.
Open Guided tours
Tuesday 10.00 — 15.00 12.00 and 13.30
Wednesday 10.00 — 15.00 12.00 and 13.30
Thursday 10.00 — 15.00 12.00 and 13.30
Friday 10.00 — 15.00 12.00 and 13.30


Admission: adult 50 SEK
Children (under 19 years) Free

Tågvirkesgränd 3
Tel: + 46303-74 99 10
Bank: Swedbank in Älvängen
(C) Repslagarmuseet
Manager: Börje Johansson
Webmaster: allan@repslagarbanan.se

The museum is open 4 days a week and group visits (least of 10 visitors) can be arranged at any time (even in the  weekend days). Simply phone and book, preferably three weeks in advance. The museum in Älvängen is easy to find it’s on road E 45, some 35 kilometers north of Gothenburg. The Museum is well signed. There are also buses and trains from Gothenburg (phone +46 771 414300 for more info) The Museum of Rope Making in Älvängen wishes you a warm welcome to a living museum.

GPS Lat 57º 57´40 N
Long 12º 7´19 E